Marian V Esanu is a professional business coach, keynote speaker, author, and podcaster.


Marian V Esanu wanted a high-end website that would summarize the most important aspects of what he does professionally. He wanted clients to be able to find his books, podcasts, and courses.


We created Marian a next-level unique design, focusing on shots of him speaking on stage. One feature we focused on was Live Messenger chat. Users can send messages directly to Marian himself, and he can respond in real-time or get back to them later. We also created a quick 10 second promo video that gives a quick overview of what he does.

We created functionality to allow users to sign up for coaching courses. We created a page for all his podcast videos, a separate blog page, and a contact page. At the bottom of the website users can enter their email to be able to download a PDF copy of a client acquisition guide that Marian wrote.

Services provided

Custom website design & development

Custom web graphics

Promo video production